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14 February 2014
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14 February 2014

Meet the Crew

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We thought it appropriate to introduce ourselves. The Turbo Tape Games crew currently consists of seven people dedicated to give you games that engage you as well as entertain you.

Fredrik Sundt Breien



Fredrik has traveled far and wide, and in between his strolls in the Himalayas and backpacking around the world he has found time for a lot of gaming, developing futuristic interactive systems, entertaining his passion for pro-cycling and coming up with countless game designs. Fredrik directs Turbo Tape Games with a true passion for games and a clear vision for what the company will become, and can always tell some amazing true story from a very exotic location.

Espen Thomassen Sæverud

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Game Designer/Producer

Espen has been with us since 2008, so he has been deeply involved in all our projects. A fast learner and highly innovative game developer, Espen is ambitious about being involved in all aspects of game development, from programming to design and business ideas. Espen is a real nomad; once he has lived in a house for more than two months he starts feeling restless. Luckily he doesn’t feel that way about jobs. When the zombie apocalypse starts, you will want him at your side.

Andreas Johansen


CTO/Lead Programmer

online dating know if he\'s interested Andreas is a hardcore gamer and hardcore CTO. Gritting his teeth early on popular mods like Point of Existence and developing the most hardcore graphics code, he is also an ardent believer in structure. No orphaned method or ineffective structure avoids his eagle eye, and woe upon thee if you haven’t checked in your code in the correct branch. Andreas knows what makes games excellent and projects turn the corner, and that is a lot of coffee. Whenever you come to work, he was there before you, and the coffee is ready.

Øyvind Lien


Art Director

http://www.tentaclefilms.com/?yutie=opzioni-digitali-a-partire-da-1&64a=53 While studying computer graphics at Gscept, Luleå Technical University, Øyvind didn’t wait for the world to discover his creative genious. He contacted Turbo Tape Games, showed us his work and dramatically improved our visual representation in live projects. As true gamer and student of digital arts, he combines his acute sense of visual design with a real understanding of the workflow in game development teams. Obviously his office is the best decorated here at Turbo Tape Games HQs.

Børge Femsteinevik

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miglior sito di trading binario Børge is a hardcore computer programmer who knows how to squeeze the last bit of performance out of every processor cycle. He really enjoys listening to, and also creating, black metal music. He has a voice that the nearby seismographs are very familiar with. Børge is an easy-going team member, very happy if our gamers have half as much fun playing our games as he had building them.

Tor-Inge Jenssen

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Tor-Inge, stemming from scenic Senja in northern Norway, has skills in electronics and mechanics to complement his solid programming and database expertise. For complex tasks combining imaginative use of physical devices and information technology, Tor-Inge is your man. Rounding out his versatile skills with a high spirit and a great sense of humour, he will always have a funnier tshirt than you.

Marie Møller Jepsen


Project Manager

Marie has been our Project Manager since August 2012, and she immediately put her stamp on the offices and work routines. Marie needs structure in everything, and since managing computer programmers is famously analogous to herding cats, this is a daunting challenge requiring a very special person. Marie is the first girl employed by Turbo Tape Games, and coming from Denmark she is also the first non-Norwegian. It takes her unique blend of kindness and stubbornness to put up with six guys.

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