-- The World of Uhr – An introduction

21 January 2014
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21 January 2014

The World of Uhr – An introduction

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It’s been a few days since we announced the game and I thought I’d give you a brief introduction into the World of Uhr.

opzioni binarie deposito minimo The world was created by Demonaz in cooperation with Turbo Tape Games. Through his career of 20+ years, Demonaz has conjured a lot of ideas for a fantasy world inspired by myths and legends from our own world. He is highly invested in this project, not only through his musical talents, but also in the creation and narration of the world.  There is so much to write about Demonaz that we’ll do a whole post on him later.

The Origin

http://parcelsinc.com/vdoc.htm/display.asp?docketnumber=0001 The Uhrgods left the world long ago and put the Warlords to rule in their sted. Since then eternal war has raged the lands.
The part of the world we are privy to in UHR-Warlords is called Noordh.

internet dating scams usa The World of Uhr - Noordh

As by the map you can see that the lands are divided into four parts with an additional central part called Ismount. Frosthald is a place located in the mountains that separate Helmerah and Taakhejm.


http://pianoforte.com.au/?porawa=use-case-diagram-for-foreign-trading-system&f1b=6a Ismount
Ismount is the source of the wondrous power Uhrkraft and the subject for constant conflict. He who holds Ismount reign supreme, but dominance is not easy to hold and the Warlords never give up in their struggle for the throne.


binäre optionen bdswiss erfahrungen Helmerah
Helmerah is the seat of Hornar, Master of Ice. Icy lakes and frosty mountains dominate the landscape. A tale of Hornar’s journey to the throne is told in the first campaign of UHR-Warlords, “The Battle of Ismount”.


http://rozenhout.nl/masonry/ Volcaniir
In Volcaniir, rule Kriegh, Master of Fire. The very ground in Volcaniir is molten rock. The second campaign in UHR-Warlords, “A World Ablaze” tells of Kriegh’s rise to reign.


Taakhejm is ruled by Wanihr. It is a barren wasteland, riddled with death, ash, and dust.


In the forests of Villfahrd rule Arghan. Creatures crawl beneath the moon and summon for war.


opszioni binarie Frosthald
Frosthald is ruled by none, cursed by the Uhrgods and location for many a battle. Some men call it “Halls of the Fallen”.


Ingame screenshots of the local multiplayer selection screen:


and a screenshot from Villfahrd


May the Uhrgods be with you!

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